Silk Saree Shops In Chennai

Are you one of those people who wouldn’t  mind walking tirelessly in and out of textile shops to find that one perfect saree that says “Take me home”? Well, you don’t have to search in vain. We have the perfect solution for your search for authentic silk saree shops in Chennai. Standing tall at Harrington Road, Chetpet, Varadarams Silks is truly the palace of Silk sarees hailing from the land of silk heritage, Kanchipuram itself! With lots of options lying around for silk saree shops in Chennai, you must be already tired of the overpriced sarees with repeated designs and colour combinations. We feel you. And that is why you should check out Varadarams Silks. With exuberant and vivid collections of colours and design, Varadarams Silks could be your one-stop for all your saree needs once you check it out once! 

Ethnicity of Kanchipuram Silks:

Kanchipuram sarees are THE mark of elegance, wealth and grace for the Tamil folks as it always has been for a long long time! The Kanchipuram silk is world-famous for it’s soft and glowing Mulberry silk, making it India’s alluring and most exquisite saree and is awarded with the silk mark by Silk Board of India for its surity of its genuineness. Our silk weavers of Varadarams Silks are practicing the trade here traditionally for more than 400 years which has given it an inevitable reputation as one of the best silk saree shops in Chennai.  It is an extraordinary type of saree with a rich and classical look. Jari (a gold-coated silver thread) used for borders and pallu consists of 57% of silver and 0.6% of gold and is originally from Gujarat, which gives the metallic look and brightness to the silk saree. The skill of weaving a Kanchipuram saree is flown from generation to generation with great care and detail. It is an art inherited, taught by the elders and honed by practice, creativity and vision. The Body and Pallu of the Kanchipuram Silk sarees are interlinked in such a way that the joining could not be identified from the front. It is the symbol of identification and differentiation of Kanchipuram saree from other sarees. Weaving a Kanchipuram saree is tedious and that is a stamp of splendour and durability.

 Material and Varieties:

In addition to all the artistic Kanchipuram sarees, you can also choose from our wide range of collections housing different materials. We got them all from Polyester Mix to Pure Cotton Sarees to Pure Silk sarees. We also have a section individually for Handloom and Powerloom sarees so that you can choose from the artistic expertise. Our sarees come in all price ranges.The saree, six yards of uncut fabric, has been mesmerising folks from across the world with its grace and elegance, even to this day. The attire has become synonymous with the earthy and rustic.

From the stiff cottons doused in starch to the light and flowy chiffons, from the heavy silk to the sensuous nets. Sarees have even caught the fancy of many Westerners. Women today are spoilt for choice when it comes to the various type materials that the sarees are available in.

However, if there is one fabric that has stood the test of time, it is the silk. Be it weddings or any other auspicious occasions, nothing can replace the sheen and the drape of the silk saree.

Apart from the display of the luxurious and beautiful fabric, the organisers also guarantee the authenticity and purity of the material. Our purpose is to bring wide varieties of silk from different parts of the countries to one place.

Varadarams in Chennai

Now you can get pure Kanchipuram sarees in Chennai by the Harrington road, Chetpet. Varadaram Silk Sarees offers you the latest traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. We offer silk sarees with high quality soft & fine silk threads. We offer the latest trends and fashion. We ensure that the same quality and design of each item will reach you as you have seen on our website. We never reduce the quality of the product to make it cheaper. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible shopping experience and we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Our continuous efforts are focused on putting the widest range on shelves with finest quality products, lowest possible prices and an extraordinary customer service experience; so that you get utmost value of your time & trust you spent with us.